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    There are more than ten things to look for when choosing an interior designer, but these are the most important!   What questions should you ask? Do they need a portfolio? (Actually they don't) And if you're an interior designer, what should you ask your potential customer? There are also covered...
  • Five Tips to choose the right interior designer for your home

    Finding an interior designer who can bring your vision to life is like finding a partner - it's not going to work if there's no chemistry and you have to like the same stuff. It is not enough just to style your interior designer. The process is very personal and it is important to find someone you feel is easy to work with and who you feel "gets it done". Here are five tips to find the right interior designer for you:


    1. Be very honest with yourself and the designer in terms of service. Do you want soup for nuts or do you want someone to design it themselves after giving you a number? There is nothing wrong with any route or many changes in between, but if you start with the same expectations then you will get much better results.


    2. Try to increase your budget. I think many customers do not like to reveal their budget until an estimate is reached. I think people are mistrustful of telling their designer what they want to spend, but it is very easy to know right from the beginning because designers can then work on that photographer and make sure they use expensive clothing the most. Do it Do it cheaply, instead of thinking that they have the budget to move the house out.


    3. Allow your designer to guide you, not instruct them on the process. They know what they are doing and when what you want your home to look and feel like is very important, it is also important that you let the designer manage the process.


    4. If you do not answer emails, guesses and introductions efficiently, the deadline will not be met. Things will go out of hold, things in stock will come out of stock and suddenly there will be a long lead time. Around August, and factories will close. Experts and experts will be employed elsewhere and you will suddenly realize that you will have to wait six weeks for something that you gave over email five weeks ago. It is amazing how fast five weeks pass with unanswered emails!


    5. Going with someone you trust and whose taste is up to you. You will have the funniest and most interesting stuff that will end with you, when you are pushed in new directions, you may feel a little bit in the beginning. You want to work with someone who ultimately has more faith in you than himself, because that strange lamp will be the thing that makes the space great and not your nor any agent's brochure in another well. . Decorated room.


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